You Need a Family Trip

And I know you are thinking I have lost my mind. I promise you I have not. I also want you to make note that I said a FAMILY TRIP and not a vacation. Those are two absolutely different things in my house. My husband and I vacation alone. When we take the kids, it is on a family trip. Both of these have been a huge part of my self care, and part of our family and marriage healing and growing closer together. Recently we went somewhere where you could actually go for either type of trip and have an amazing time. These are things that have helped not only my own healing but my children's.

So I am always looking for great places to go that are within a days drive. Since we live in Utah, California is where I see people taking the most family trips. Which is great and I love California. But lets get real. It is EXPENSIVE ! Hotels, food, gas to drive to the mouse house ( lets not even get into those tickets ) , and the TRAFFIC! So I went looking for something different. And I found it in the place you would not look.... Fabulous Las Vegas! I know you are thinking, Kelly you have lost it. Vegas is the absolute last place I would take my children. And I get it! But hear me out... Beyond all the billboards with scantily dressed women, and drunk bachelor parties , and it smelling like Snoop Dog is hosting a reggae festival, there is a slice of paradise we found.

Just at the end of the strip, but close enough for your kids to ooh and ahh over the lights at night is a family friendly resort called Tahiti Village. Surrounded by lush palm trees and fun Tiki decor you know something is different when you walk into the lobby. There is no cigarette smoke smell! This is a totally non smoking property. ( there are areas for smoking if you do need them, but its away from the guests ). Every employee we encountered bent over backwards to make our stay perfect! Check in was quick and off to our room we went....

I was FLOORED when we opened our door. So Tahiti Village has 2 room types, or you can get a suite that gives you access to both rooms. Our first room featured a full size kitchen, dining area, family room with the nicest fold out couch Ive ever seen and a patio with table and chairs that we ate breakfast on every morning. It also included a Master Bedroom and bath that I was so sad to leave. It has a HUGE jetted tub, and a shower. A shower that also turns into a steam room! It made me feel like how I think Beyonce feels when she stays in a hotel! I also want to mention that there is also a washer and dryer in the room which was so helpful to not have to bring dirty clothes home!

When we open the adjoining doors we found another smaller kitchen, family room, bedroom and bathroom. Not as fancy but for sure nicer then the majority of hotel rooms we have stayed in and we travel a lot! What I also noticed was how clean everything was! I seriously would love to steal their housekeeping staff for my home! The rooms looked like we were the first people to ever step foot in them!

And while two rooms were amazing, and having a kitchen is a huge help on food costs and for our kids on special diets. The highlight of the resort is the pool and lazy river! When I say pool, I mean a huge perfect temperature body of water that has several entrances including one that looks just like a sandy beach that even has sand toys out and ready to be played with! There is also a water volleyball net up for games. My favorite part was the area with pool chairs in just enough water to cool down but to get some sun and read a book. I was also able to grab a virgin Pina Colada from the wonderful pool waitress to help with my Beyonce vibe.

Right past the bathrooms and the nice grassy area when you can play games like corn hole and huge connect 4 or Jenga is the lazy river... Grab one of the many tubes the provide in different sizes and relax as you travel a half mile through different water falls surrounded by beautiful landscape. It makes a complete circle so go around as many times as you like! And for the littles, no need to worry! I have never been anywhere where there are so many lifeguards on duty making sure everyone is safe!

If hot tubs are your thing, then you are in luck. There are 2! One family friend, and one just for adults.

But what if my kids want to do more then swim you ask? Well then you are in luck! They also have an onsite games room with a pool table, air hockey, and other games. PLUS! you will receive a daily activities schedule when you check in which lets you know what time crafts are, a nighttime movie, a real live mermaid reading stories, yoga and more! There are also very nice grilling area for those delicious outside dinners. Also during the Summer you can purchase tickets for a authentic Luau with a buffet dinner. Lets not forget the onsite spa with massages , facials and more to make sure you get to relax even when you bring the kids!

But what if you fly in and don't have a car? Don't you worry! They have a shuttle to the grocery store, plus shuttles all day down to the strip if you want to head that way for a show or other activities! There is not a casino onsite, but there is a restaurant with a great happy hour menu and a handful of video type machines at the bar, there is also 2 slot machines in that area where my husband was teaching the kids about how it is just a thing that takes your money and he won $75 with the $1 he put in during his lesson LOL. So I don't suggest this if you are trying to prove a point to your children. But no loud smokey casino area to walk your children through anywhere on this beautiful property!

We also learned while we were there that they are part of the RCI timeshare program if you are RCI customer and looking for a great property to use your time at, and I will let you in a secret! If you are interested in checking out Tahiti Villages timeshare program, they will give you a 4 days and 3 night stay for $99, and that $99 is totally refundable if you participate in their presentation to see what all they offer. In full disclosure we didn't attend the presentation but I did watch some people take the tour and saw zero pushiness going on at all! Just really nice staff sharing the property amenities. You can get more information on that HERE

We spent all week with 5 kids ages 18mo to 19 years and every single age had the best time and were so sad to leave! As you can see lol . This will now be our family vacation spot for years to come and we look forward to making many more memories here!

Much Love,