Why I Share My Life...

So Instagram has this new “ ask me a question “ thing in their stories. ( If you are not following me on IG you should totally go do that at )

I received some great questions, and several were based around how I’m comfortable sharing the worst moments of my life for anyone to see...

Hmmm I guess I never looked at it like that. After a long time of working on healing I decided I wanted to blog. NOT about my past trauma lol. My husband signed me up for this awesome retreat for bloggers and “want to be” bloggers called “Blog like a boss“ retreat. I went in planning on blogging about being a Mormon convert, our vacations, crafts, my love of Nordstrom’s, etc. All great things, but obviously not my main focus now. So what happened...

9 out of 10 of my conversations with friends and strangers tend to be based around what I’ve been through and how I got through it. As I kept praying about blogging Heavenly Father kept putting people in front of me to show me how important is it for me to share my journey with honesty... brutal honesty. I was so not happy lol. I cried “ I don’t want to keep living in this trauma!” But I surrendered and here we are.

And here is a good place. It allows me to see how far I have come in my life, and how strong I truly am, even when I feel so very weak. It allows me to meet some of the most amazing people and hear their stories and help them heal so that they can live their best life.

I used to blog about life when we were in the thick of dealing with trauma. One day I made a funny post about something instead of sharing what life was like in my house and a very dear , very well meaning friend said “ See that’s what you should blog about.Happy things! ”

I felt horrible. I blogged about our life then because it got it out of my head, it connected me to other moms dealing with the same things and I made us all feel less alone. By her saying this I again felt like I wasn’t good enough ( hello childhood baggage). That was at least 10 years ago, and I still hear her words sometimes. But I know everyday, in so many different ways that this is what I need to write about.

To share my life... good , bad, worse, all of it.

So yep, I will still talk about becoming Mormon, vacations ( great post about that soon actually lol ) , crafts, and even my love of Nordstrom ( anniversary sale time btw ) but I will also let people see that I’ve been through some pretty awful stuff, but here I am standing and most importantly….

That I’m happy and that they can be too.

Much Love,