When You Are Not Perfect

It’s okay ... Despite what things look like on social media, NO ONE IS PERFECT!

I see so many of us not giving ourselves grace we extend to others. I know I am my absolute worst critic. The past week & a half I have been dealing with some HARD things in regards to one of my children. I was shutting down...

I’ve allowed doubt and depression to not just creep in , but over take and consume me at times. Thankfully I’m able to voice these things to people I trust, and to say when I’m not okay. Years ago it would have devastated me to admit I was not okay.

How embarrassing to me to have to put down my mask of happiness and control and say “ I’m drowning and I need help “ Do you know where that got me? In the hospital.. yep literally in the hospital, via ambulance because I collapsed from stress. While on my forced “vacation” I had to take a hard look at myself. I was severely over weight, I was super unhealthy mentally and physically I was tired physically and emotionally , I was truly miserable.

My husband was upset and angry ( very valid reaction) and told me to stop trying to be so damn strong. So we worked together on teaching me to ask for help. I’m still not perfect at it for sure, and thats okay . I sometimes still think “ I don’t want to bother anyone”. Which is ridiculous and if that’s you stop it! So yesterday I worked on a lot of self care and inner reflection. Today I’m feeling much better. But I wouldn’t be without that self care and inner work.

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