When Growth is Scary

So for many years I have been blessed with a job as a virtual assistant for an amazing woman. She started as my homeschool mentor, became one of my dearest friends, then also my boss. Over time I started helping her with some clients who were struggling with special needs children, or trauma. Let me back up one second...

So after dealing with traumatic event, after traumatic event, I plead with my Heavenly Father to help me be strong enough to survive these trials. That if he would help carry me, I would take what I learned to help carry others through... After that happened it seemed like doors would keep opening to help others. So after working for the amazing Melisa at Waldorf Essentials and growing my experience with helping some amazing Moms, Melisa sat me down Monday night and shoved me out of the nest lol.

She will tell you that if she didn't I would stay on the safe path of working for her, and helping her clients and never experience growth on my own. So here I go! Lots of exciting things in the works for my life. The first thing is it's never too late to start something new! I turned 47, less than a month ago. And here I am finally realizing who I am made to be, and what I am here for. That doesn't mean you get to put off figuring out your calling! lol It just means don't freak out if you are at some age in your mind that you feel it's too late to find your passion.

I am nervous for sure, but I am absolutely super excited to start helping those that are struggling. Those that feel like they are drowning, or just need someone to talk though the thoughts in their head and helping them make them happen!

Thank you for joining me along my journey!

Much Love,