What it's like being inpatient

I know this is a big question people have. Movies show it like it is people wandering around in hospital gowns looking drugged or confused. It's actually the complete opposite. I had my own clothes, my own journaling pens, personal hygiene products, pictures and make up is allowed if thats your thing.

I had zero care for make up though, and was 100% all in for just wearing those hospital socks since I hate shoes. Things not allowed are belts and shoelaces. There are computers with internet access, and cordless phones to use. I was in no way kept from anyone. Medications are discussed with your Dr and its a choice to start medication or not. 3 times a day you go to the cafeteria and have access to unlimited food and drinks. LOTS of therapy. A typical day goes something like this:

Wake up 7am

Breakfast 7:30

Morning check in as a group ( How are you feeling 1-10, mood word, goal for the day )

Group Therapy ( also Dr's come to check in at this time )

Outside break

Group Therapy


Free Time

Group Therapy

Group Therapy


Free Time / Visitors

Wrap up ( How are you feeling 1-10, mood word, Did you meet your goal?, Highlight? )

Outside Break

Free Time

Lights Out 10:30pm

Hubby came and ate dinner with me several times. Free time was spent doing a lot of reading actual books which I haven't done in forever and journaling. Or watching food network. A lot of people colored, or did puzzles, or played games ( board games, cheese, or the Wii )

Therapies are all different. Some are for people in recovery from drugs and or alcohol. There is art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, self esteem, and psycho therapy. We did writing activities, and mindfulness. Learning to sit by myself in the quietness of my room without any distractions was probably the hardest thing I did. I chose to stay off the computers which was one of the best choices I made. Instead of distracting myself with social media I put that energy into writing, reading, and learning to quiet my thoughts.

I think so many people are afraid to reach out for help for fear they will be put in some sort of institution. I hope this helps show that is not the case. My stay was in a place I felt totally in control, and was a safe place to start to heal and get tools I need for the future.

More Tomorrow...

Much Love,