We Interrupt This Program

So last week, two of the kids and I packed the car and were heading to California for various activities and work. We stopped in Las Vegas for the night since it is a great way to split up the drive, and I personally love Las Vegas. ( Yes even with kids )

Unfortunately our journey was cut short when someone stole the car. Which is so crazy to me because we come here a lot and have never had any type of issue. So we stayed two extra days while I sorted stuff out with insurance and got a rental car to get back home.

One of my to do list items was to sit on the beach and finish telling you how I got my life organized and brought peace into my home. Sitting in the hotel in Vegas angry about the car didn't have the same vibe lol. So I will finish that this weekend.

Also coming up is a series on how to travel with kids and actually feel like you can also enjoy the vacation and RELAX. It can happen, I promise!

I hope everyone had a better last week then I did lol

Much Love,