Today I Failed...

And that is okay. It doesn't make me a failure. It means I tried something and it didn't work. No one was injured, and instead of beating myself up over it, I am going to take it as a learning lesson as the parent to one of my children. ( and he is going to learn that I love him, but trust is earned )

I found out about it at about 3pm. By 3:45 I had dealt with the situation and started moving on through the rest of the day. Years ago, this would have totally shut me down. I would have laid on the couch, or on my bed, turned on something to distract me, and mentally beat myself up until I feel asleep.

I would have validated all the negative things I heard about myself growing up, all those lies other people put on me. " Im stupid ", " I cant do anything right " , " Ill never be good at anything " ... You know the words. Those kind of words that get into our very DNA it feels like.

But the thing is.. They don't. They are words other people ( most likely people that heard these words from others in their life, and created a cycle ). They are not in your DNA, they are not permanent, or cannot be changed. Does it just plain suck that other people can make us feel like we are worthless? YES! But DO NOT let it be a life sentence.

Just because I did something that didn't work doesn't make me stupid, or incapable. It makes me human. And instead of letting it hold me hostage, I'm going to think about the things I did today that worked out great. Like making perfect hard boiled eggs in the instant pot! Yay me!

Try making a list of all the good things! It often helps me to write the good things out. It helps me focus on them, and even helps on the bad days to go back and look at them. So even if something went or is going horribly wrong for you right now, I promise you there are WAYYYY more things going wonderfully right.

Much Love,