Summertime and the living is... HARD

This is obviously not me because this woman is relaxing lol. As much self care as I make a priority, raising a child with special needs during the summer is extra hard on this Type A mom !

Our youngest came to us at 2 years and 2 weeks. We knew from the minute I picked him up from the children's services office something was "off".

We actually thought he was severely autistic for well over a year. After specialists and test after test we now know that he actually has brain damage from his birth Mom drinking during her pregnancy, as well as effects from early abuse and neglect. He just turned 13 this weekend and is doing very well despite his challenges. But even at being 13, with having FASD his behaviors are often that of a toddler. Very little impulse control, which means he has to be constantly watched as if he was a 2 year old. He also cannot handle a lot of media, so no using the tv or video games as a distraction. And absolutely ZERO access to the internet.

So days are spent finding ways to entertain him and keep my sanity. I also know summer can be a struggle with neurotypical kids. I see you Momma! Trying to figure out lunches and snacks and make sure there are enough popsicles. Sitting in the blistering heat while they yell " WATCH THIS" 500 times lol! So here is a hug for all my Moms out there holding it together through the summer!

To add to the chaos one of our beautiful daughters is getting married Saturday. Im starting to fall apart lol. Time goes by so quickly! Adults used to say that when I was little and I thought it sounded so ridiculous, but they were right! We are blessed she is marrying the most amazing guy, and they could not be more perfect together. I just wish we got to hold on to her a little longer... So in the mist of summer chaos, hugs those babies as much as you can!

Lot of exciting things coming up! Which I will start announcing next week after I dig myself out of wedding decorations, and figuring out what to do with our first empty bedroom EVER !

Much Love,