No, Girl Clean Your Mess!

This is part one in a series on how to take this part of your life back...

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." I used to love this quote. Then I realized how much CRAP that I thought was useful or beautiful!

Or I kept it "just in case"... Just in case of what? The apocalypse and I would need to use my hoard to barter? LOL

For years I feel somewhere in between a packrat and a hoarder. I would watch tv shows on hoarding and think, well geez! Im totally fine. My house doesn't look anything like that! But what my house looked like resembled what I imagine you would see if you crawled inside my mind. CHAOS! Piles of things to "go through later" Pieces of things I had throw out, but missed some small bit.

So I started a minimalist journey. Not let me start off by telling you that we still have furniture, and pictures on the walls. I still own way too much jewelry, shoes and purses. My journey looks just like that... MY JOURNEY. Its taken a while and Im about 95% through my house. Somethings were super easy to get rid of. Some things were hard... I mean really freaking HARD. My Mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 14 years ago in June. I have her old sewing box which holds a ton of memories of my childhood. I sorted through it and cleaned it out LAST NIGHT you guys! I should also mention that we have moved 4 times since she has passed away, AND I actually use stuff out of this box on a pretty regular basis. But I couldn't process throwing out some of the things that were useless to me until last night. And that is OKAY. It didn't take up a ton of room, and affected no one but me.

So lets talk about what affected everyone else including me.

1.) Piles of laundry not put away. Anyone else have a hubby that is trying to get ready for work or kids ready for school and they have to dig through mount laundry for clean clothes or matching socks?

2.) Bins and totes full of toys. Your kids cant find a piece to something so they just dump it out everywhere and then they cant play with anything because they are so overwhelmed by the chaos of the mess that they just fight and cry?

3.) Fridge and cabinets full of unused food. You're trying to make dinner and the fridge is full of wilted lettuce, cheese thats hardened because no one wrapped it up. You have 10 boxes of pasta you bought on sale and no sauce to put on it?

4.) Piles of papers and mail to read "later". You know, like that electric bill thats now past due, and your kids field trip permission slip that they are on the phone in the office crying about because they are loading the buses and they didn't bring it back.

Any of these sound familiar?

When I finally started taking control of my life and my home the chaos calmed drastically. And I mean DRASTICALLY! And I know.. Its impossible for you to organize and get rid of things because..

Your hubby and kids don't help

You don't have enough storage

Every time you start cleaning somewhere, the kids make a mess somewhere else.

Etc, Etc, Etc

Yep. I know every excuse. I've used them.

Next post I will talk about getting past the excuses and getting started!

Much Love,