Momma, I See You

I've been working really hard on listening to hear, and not listening to respond. I want to really hear what the people I care about are saying, instead of jumping in with suggestions to "fix" it. Many times we don't want someone to fix something. Instead, we just want someone to not only listen to us, but HEAR us.

I see so many of you struggling, hurting, and so burnt out. I see you with your child with special needs and wondering how you can get through the day, and in the back of your mind scared to death for their future. I see you Momma with a toddler who is draining every bit of energy you have. You have that look in your eye longing for a small break to go somewhere where no one needs anything from you for just an hour. I see you Momma with the teenager who knows everything, and is breaking your heart with worry every time they step out the door. I see you Momma with adult kids who you are trying to figure out how to have a relationship with them and not be the worried, meddling mother.

Being the Momma is hard... VERY HARD. It's okay to not love every minute. It's okay to ask God "WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU THINK I COULD HANDLE THIS?", even when you are on your knees at night and can't imagine another day. It's okay to be like "OMG this sucks and WTH was I thinking?". Momma know that these are all seasons in parenting. I often laugh when people ask if it gets easier. That answer honestly, is NO... not really. It gets different, and different parts get easier. Being a Momma means we love hard and fierce. That also means we get tired and worn out. My hope is that in the middle of all of this, you take time for yourself. Time to remember who you were before you were someone's Momma, because that woman matters too. Nurture her, and give her love and grace.....

Much Love,