Living in the present

LDS quote president monson mormon prophet

I have always loved this quote but don't think I really thought about it until this week.

I seem to be pretty good at learning from my past :)

We are working on preparing for the future...

But living in the present  I realize I am not good at...

Raising kids with special needs changes things. With my oldest 3 I would think about their future in ways like "I wonder what they will be, who they were marry, and how many children will they have" With special needs kids ( including our mentally ill kiddos) I worry about things like

" Who will take care of them when I am gone, Will they take their meds if they live on their own, will they end up on drugs, incarcerated, or worse?!"

"Will they find someone to love and marry that will understand and accept them 100%."

I spend my days and nights worrying about my precious children. I realized last night that I am so busy worrying about the *What if's* that I am missing out on the NOW. I am not enjoying today with them. I am missing out on the lego builds, the pictures colored, the cartwheels, and handstands, and bike riding. The small simple moments that build the best memories. Oh, don't get me wrong, I turn my head for every " Mommy LOOK!". But its what I am seeing with my fear mindset . I am missing seeing them as Heavenly Father see's them. As a precious child with infinite potential....

So I am giving it to God. I will continue to fight for them to get all the help they need, but I will no longer focus on the future outcome. I will enjoy them, love them, and live in the present.