For years New Years made me incredibly sad. For me it felt like another year had gone by where I accomplished nothing yet again and was heading into a new year full of frustration and despair . You can see what a ray of sunshine I was .

2018 changed that... A LOT! I had started to heal and was focusing on trying to be more positive. I actually even gave the year a theme of what I wanted to manifest. That word was “ adventure “. And oh my goodness, I’m not sure if we could have fit more adventure into our lives lol. We had amazing trips ( that we afforded with influencer perks ) , a blogger retreat with some of my favorite bloggers, our first grandchild joined the family, I was on the morning news, started hosting G Rated family friendly drag shows to help with suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth, and hung out with more bands then I can count.

2018 not only brought adventure, but learning , growth, and so many beautiful amazing people that are not only friends but like family. It also most importantly brought happiness and peace...

So this year I wanted to be very intentional with the word I chose. Ive prayed and thought about it for weeks! Nothing felt right. Then I saw this graphic and knew I had found my word.

So now I’m setting goals, and being realistic about the obstacles I will face so I have a plan of action to overcome those. Self doubt is a tough one but I’ve also put together a plan of attack on that! This year will be magical and I’m on a path to success!

Have you set an intention for this New Year?

Much Love,