I don't have enough storage!

So let's continue covering excuses. Storage.

What are you trying to store? Lets look at the most common items I hear...

1.) Outgrown kids clothes.

Who are you saving them for? Is it a younger sibling? A future sibling thats not born yet? Are you a foster parent?

Younger siblings: How much younger? Do the seasons line up to where they would be the same size during that season? Are they in excellent condition? How many items do you have?

Future siblings: What if they are a different gender? Born at different seasons? Clothing becomes outdated don't forget.

Foster Parents: How many outfits are you saving?

I have been in all these situations. I asked myself all these questions, and started a donate pile that didn't fit in the easy answers. Younger siblings and future siblings I only kept items that loved. and I mean heirloom, couldn't replace LOVED. I allowed myself 1 small rubbermaid tote that fit in our linen closet. Foster parents. I kept 3 outfits in the sizes I thought we would most need, in 2 different seasons, plus a winter jacket, and a sweatshirt. I do laundry enough that I knew 3 outfits would get us through a week and give me time to reach out to friends or check yard sales or thrift stores for any other needed items. These stayed in one large tote in the garage. ( I shop yard sales and second hand for ALL my children's and my own clothes )

These are the 2019 details on self storage units. This is shocking, and kinda sad. I mean think of all the things that are in there, ignored, not being used, and many just getting outgrown, or worn over time. And people are paying for that! In my research I found out that the most common items are...

Broken furniture

Boxes and Bags of clothes

Old Mattress'

Vacuum and household items

People are paying hard earned money to store that!!!!

Another offender on my list was holiday decoration. I love holiday decorations! These I kept totes in the garage. The past year, for each holiday I would pull the totes for that holiday out and instead of bringing them in the house like I always do, I brought in each items that I knew where it was going. There were so many things that had no actual place but I would shove somewhere to put it out. Holidays are about memories of time together, and activities done, not 5000 santa's all over the house! I was so worried my kids holidays would be ruined because everything wasn't out. THEY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! I was the only one that realized we had less then half of the decorations out. They were most concerned about if we were going to bake cookies, or go caroling to the neighbors. I FINALLY STOPPED MAKING THE HOLIDAYS ABOUT STUFF! And it was life changing. For all of us. So I donated anything over that fit in a medium bin, and we have a bag that holds the tree. It now all fits in the closet under the stairs that was just dead space.

Whats in my Linen closet?

We all have two towels. 1 for bathing and one for the pool.

Each bed has 2 sets of sheets.

I have a small basket of tablecloths because I love them. ( Holiday tablecloths are in their holiday bin )

I have a 2 bags from Ikea that zip shut with a extra blanket and pillow for guests.

I have a small rubbermaid drawer that fits on the shelf labeled:

Toothbrushes and toothpaste



and next to that is a small basket with shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream.

I keep these because we have a large family and a lot of guests. When I find something we use on clearance I put it in there. I don't just buy to buy :)

The other shelves hold all our family games. I do go through the games once a year and donate anything we didn't play in a year.

And that is all. I know exactly what is in there and where it is when I need it.

I have donated linens that belonged to my Grandmother who passed away. And that is OKAY! I know my Mom and my Grandmother would rather I have peace in my home, then old sheets or stained tablecloths I never reach for. The memories of them live in my heart and mind, not in my linen closet.

Next lets talk about kids. Not decluttering them LOL But what to do with their things, how to get them on board, or what to do with them when you clean!

Much Love,