How am I supposed to clean with kids?!

Well that depends on different factors. The first is age:

If you have a newborn, then Momma you are tired and have enough going on. Clutter will wait.

If you have an older baby then you can do different things. For me it depended on which kid. I have one that LOVED the bouncy chair and swing. So I would get then feed and changed and put them in whatever they preferred and get started. I had another that lived in her sling. So I would just strap her in and get to work.

Toddlers? We used to play a game where I would put a blanket down and put toys that are only allowed on the blanket and a snack. They could still see me, I could still engage, but the game was to stay on the blanket. Yes it may take a few times to get them to understand, but I promise it is worth it! I also would use nap and bedtime to do things. Do you want to nap or shut down at bedtime. Yes, I know you do. But I promise doing the work now will bring so much peace in the long run.

Older toddlers / younger kids: They can help! They love "chores" and to be helpful. Hand them things to put in the donation box and talk about how much fun the items will have going to their new home and on to a new adventure. Make it fun! People often ask why I don't have to fight my kids to clean. Because I always participate and we do it as a family. And I have never made it a "chore " . We call then house blessings. And talk about how cleaning up blesses our house that keeps us safe, and where we create memories. Saturdays we do a deep clean, then we go for a " reward " Typically drinks at are favorite soda place. In the summer its the snow cone shack by our house then to the pool. no one wants to help in something that Mom is screaming about and they see you complaining about. We are blessed to have clothing to wear, dishes to do, pets to feed.

Older kids & teens: I don't ask for help. Its not optional in our home. We have a huge chalkboard that says " House Blessings " then lists their names. Every day they have what they need to do on the board. Nothing else happens until those are done. No tv, games, friends, nothing. Its just the rhythm in our house. They get up, eat, dressed, brush teeth, do chore. I have been a mom for almost 30 years with up to 10 kids at times. I have never had to fight about a chore. I don't engage in whining or pouting lol. They know this, and they know they cannot wear me down. Its easier to do what is expected them battle me LOL. I don't yell or threaten, but I hold firm boundaries, with a lot of love.

Do I want to snap sometimes. Ya of course! But I will put myself in a time out for a few minutes. Grab a piece of chocolate from my stash in closet lol and reset my day. Pull yourself away for a minute before you snap! I will also make everyone stop what they are doing and have a family prayer. We have also did a kids yoga video for 15 minutes on youtube. I change the energy to something positive and then re start.

I promise you that a home thats clean and free of clutter will be so much more peaceful to everyone! Kids feel that chaos . They feel your chaos. The first step to living in peace is to get rid of and calm the chaos. That pile of clothes, or box of stuff you cant even remember what you put in it is not worth your peace! You can do this, I promise!

Much Love,