Let's start with the one I hear the most.

"I am the only one in my house that cleans or will get rid of stuff! "

Yep, I get it. But I am only responsible for myself, so I started there. I went through my personal things. I went through things no one else cared about but me, like the kitchen.

START WITH YOU! Be the example. If your kids are little engage them in cleaning out your things. But make sure you are doing it joyfully. They will see the happiness it is bringing you, and they will feel the peace.

Ever hear the saying that Mom sets the tone in the house. IT"S TRUE! We do. I know for some of you that is hard to hear. That it puts a lot of pressure on you. But let's flip that! You get to be in control of the energy in your home. You are blessed to be able to control the energy in your home.

Spend 10 minutes being incredibly positive and happy and watch how the energy in your home shifts.

Put on your favorite upbeat music, turn on a uplifting podcast, or youtube video. Flood your home with positive energy.

Then start small. Clean out 1 drawer. Clean off the top of your bathroom vanity. Take a before picture, set a timer for 5 minutes. Then start on that one space. When the timer goes off, take another picture and look at the difference! Things always look much different in pictures. Marvel at how much you got done in 5 minutes! Then tackle another spot. You don't have to spend hours sitting on your bedroom floor surround by the contents of your closet crying over old pictures, or the outfit you brought your now teenager home from the hospital as a newborn in... LOL Can you tell I have been here. START SMALL! and start today!

Much Love,