Digging Yourself Out ( Post Two )

After a round of the flu, and then strep I'm back... and yep even in that I found something to be grateful for.

I know some of you are thinking, Seriously lady, there is nothing to be grateful for with that. But hear me out...

I used to not only be a "glass half empty" kinda girl. I was like this glass sucks and what's in it is horrible. LOL I was quite the joy to be around as you can tell. I had a problem for every solution, and a negative for every positive. Then I ran into Al Fox Carraway. If you don't know who she is, she is often known as the " Tattooed Mormon " . She does a lot of public speaking and has written two books. She is one of the most uplifting positive people I've ever seen. After talking to her for a bit, I decided to pick up her journal. I have heard many times about people keeping a "Gratitude journal " and since I was trying to move out of sad town, I figured hey why not.

So I brought this home and put it on my nightstand so every night I could write all the things I was grateful for... Have you snickered yet? It sat.. and sat... I moved it to my desk, then I stuck it in a drawer. I couldn't thing of one single thing! Then after a day of much prayer about helping me to get out of this rut I was in, I came across it. ( Here's your sign ) So I put it next to my bed again and even added a pen with it! That first night I sat and stared at the empty page. Then I wrote. I am grateful to not be in prison. Well duh, who isn't right? LOL. But it was a start! Each day I wrote something very general to at least keep it a habit.

Then one day I wrote " I am grateful to be a Mom"....Because in the big picture that was huge for me. The guilt I carried ( and still struggle with ) bringing children into this world and chaos into their lives with a Mother who was so miserable was crippling for a very long time for me. Which just typing this still makes me cry. All I ever wanted to be was a Mother. I love my children fiercely. And though I am far from perfect, I know that they love me, and am blessed to have a wonderful relationship with all of them. But by me writing this simple sentence one night allowed me to start moving forward with them, and having some honest discussions. It allowed us to start healing... This one sentence.

Now I can fill up a whole page some days. I am grateful for so many things. Some huge like a medical scare being negative, and some small like this delicious spicy chocolate my 16 year old brought me home the other day. But no matter how big or small, it keeps me focusing on the positive. Bad days will always come, but its what you focus on that helps you get through... Oh! and how could I be thankful to be bedridden for days? Because it forced me to rest, to catch up on some shows I wanted to see, and to get this blog post done.

So the giveaway for this is your choice of 2 gratitude journals. Al Fox Carraways which is religious, or this other really awesome one if you are not.

" Cultivating an attitude of gratitude yields many benefits: physical, mental and spiritual. In this Journal, you have flexibility to write down the dates of entry and not feel guilty if you miss a day. There are also pages in this journal where you can just draw something beautiful. Every page contains an inspirational quote (non religious). "

How to enter ? Just follow these easy entry steps! ( Each step is a separate entry )

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