A Easy Way to Track your Mental Health

Twice a day when I was inpatient we had “check ins” We would sit as a group and one at a time we would give a number from 1 to 10 for our mood, and give a “Mood Word”.

For example, it could be a 3 and Anxious, or a 9 and Calm. I would write mine down in my journal along with some quick notes about what was going on. I decided to keep this going at home, and do it first thing in the morning after I wake up, and again in the evening typically before dinner. That way I could reflect on them later.

The "Mood Word" exercise helped me track my moods to see if there was something going on that was making me feel a lower number. For instance, like spending too much time on social media, and also to see what types of things I was doing to give me a higher number, like self care.

During these exercises, I also discovered it is something I can do with my husband. A lot of days he will ask me what my number and mood word is to make sure I am in a good place. Its helps to take away the “how are you feeling“ and the “Oh I am fine“ conversations.

It helps a lot to get real with yourself, and pause for inner reflection. I like the "Mood Word" exercise because it's much shorter than journaling, and it only takes a few minutes. It also doesn't give me time to get "into my head", and start making excuses for my mood. Just quick raw realness.

Much Love,